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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

We're Bloggers!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well we have finally decided to join the rest of the world and blog!!!!!! Welcome to the 21st century-I know!:) We are currently living in MN. Chad is the currently a Youth Pastor and has been there 6 yrs! I am a stay-at-home mom with two beautiful boys (see above:) ), whose ages are 3 (4 in August) and 8 mo. During the school year I stay busy with preschool, ECFE activities, helping with the Youth Group (I don't miss a thing:0), being a part of our church's moms group, and much more!:) Back to why we are blogging! We have decided to make a change, Chad will be leaving the church, and will be the new youth pastor back in our home town!:) Although we are very excited about the move, it has been a huge emotional roller coaster! We love our church family and it is very hard to say good-bye to them, and even more so to all of our youth!!! We trust though that God will bring someone to take our place, and to love these youth just as we have! We thought it would be fun and helpful to those in our lives if we blogged about our up coming move , and everything else that is going on! So here we go!:) Bear with us!:)