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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Colorado Vacation

Here is our trip for the summer!! My Grandma (Nikki's side) was turning 70 this year so we had a mini family reunion! We traveled (yes by mini van) out to Colorado (all 14 hrs) to Fort Collins, CO! On the way down we had our sanity (I think), and we took 2 days to get there! Here is the great state of Iowa!! We were the envy of all!! We traveled through Iowa and Nebraska to get there!!

Go Iowa! (It really is a nice state) Yes, even a dinosaur at a rest stop is exciting when your are traveling through Nebraska! (Are we there yet?)
We finally arrived Here are my sister's (Kim & Todd) kids and our boys!! It was plaid shorts day!! They will look back and thank us I'm sure of it!:)
Here are our boys with their 1st and 2nd cousins! Yea there are a lot of boys!! We are missing my Brother's (Bobby & Tiffany) 2 girls! They all had so much fun together though, it was great!
Here is the Grandma! Happy Birthday (Great)Grandma!

Here is me with my sister's and cousins!! Sorry, the one with the spouse's did not turn out! We are missing my brother and Curt (cousin) they were unable to make it. It was so fun to see cousins and meet their kids, we had a great time!
Grandma and Grandpa with the boyz!
We decided to go on the tram at Estes Park!! Yes it is as scary as it looks. I had to show this picture so all would understand why I sat on the floor the entire ride! My oldest pretty much almost gave me a heart attack! Does he look scared? Yea right!:)
Here is us at the top! We are in the middle of a red ant home! Not good! It was a quick picture!
There is our little climber! He had to go to the top of every rock formation on our hike!

I see a future climber!:)

My youngest was determined to get his brother's lemonade, he thought it was hysterical!

The boyz!! It was so beautiful in the mountains! We had a blast!
The last stop we made was Focus on the family!! we had so much fun! The have a great kids area (Adventures in Odyssey), and it is all free! If you are in the area it is worth seeing! God has blessed this ministry greatly! We also went and saw the Air Force Academy- the chapel was amazing!

Well, this concludes our trip! we drove back in one day! Yes we are crazy! It took us 18 hours , and we actually stopped in the cities and stayed with Chad's brother at about 12am, so technically we did it in 2 days! It was a great trip with a ton of fun memories!