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Monday, August 10, 2009

The Journey continued-Door County, WI!!

Well, let's see....where did I leave off. Rules are overrated (see previous post), that's right. So, we arrived at our campsite in Door County, WI late that night. Due to the office being closed we had to follow a map to find our site. The campground we stayed at was beautiful!! Each site was pretty secluded with trees, it was such a great campground. Thankfully this time around there was much less hassle in getting everything set up. Although we did have a small scare!! As we were setting up we left Connor buckled in his car seat, this seemed like a good idea at the time. The bigger boys were helping us, until I went to check on Connor. In a very small amount of time Caden and gotten in the van before me and thought he would be a "helper" and handed Connor a magazine. Connor then proceeded to put it in his mouth and attempted to eat it! He must have gotten some in his mouth because by the time I got there he was choking and gagging! Long story short this continued on for awhile, so we had to wake up the owners so we could use their phone since we did not have reception. Connor finally stopped choking and coughing after what seemed like an eternity, and all was well. Ummmm............about that rule..............nah!

While we were in Door County we went and took part in a fish boil (which is a must:0); went to Ellison Bluff park which had limestone bluffs; saw "Cave Point County Park" which had limestone sea caves; took the ferry to Washington Island; and had some homemade ice cream! What was so unique about this area is that you won't see McDonald's or any other chain like restaurant or store there, it is truly getting away from everything. One of our favorite towns was Fish Creek, it was such a neat little town with fun shops and restaurants it was fun to bike around the town. Another thing I love about Door County is all of the sailboats, it is so picturesque!!
The boys hanging out at the campsite, we made campfire donuts for the first time they were a huge hit!

The Fish Boil! Check out the link and it explains what it is and why it started, very cool!!

The boil over!

The bell rings and everyone lines up!

The downside is that it has the bones in it, Big C was not too crazy about that although M'C liked it. Chad and I loved it!

Limestone bluffs

The catwalk, no I did not walk out on it. I ask you, how is that even fun!?!

Limestone caves

Oddly enough they are standing almost exactly the same, funny thing is I took a pic of when they first stepped in and they are standing the same there as well! Too cute!

Freedom from the front carrier;0)

Climbing to the top

The water was so pretty, and very warm!

On the ferry to Washington Island, we met some people on there that were from the same town as us. Talk about a small world!

We rode a "train" that took us around the island so we could learn about life on the island as well as other interesting facts.

They have an ostrich farm on the island, and als0 other exotic animals. Sadly, blogger will not let me add the ostrich pics;0(.The above pic is a Den Norsk Grenda (it has grass on the roof), the goats climb to the top and graze. There is two of these that were shipped in from Norway. It is super neat!

Biking around the island was fun, although we biked around 10 mi and it was super hot that day. It took a little longer than we thought, so we were racing back to catch the last ferry of the day, I do NOT recommend doing this!! Big C did great although he was very tired poor guy!

Schoolhouse Beach was amazing! They claim there is only five total beaches like this in the world. The entire beach is covered in these smooth flat limestone rocks. Please note: if you take a rock it is a $200 fine. Seriously!? We left the rocks.....

Our Ferry

Homemade ice cream! It was yummy!!

We took our ice cream and headed to sunset park! It was amazing!

Now you probably know what's coming...........yep, we drove off into the sunset!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, not really, but I just could not resist!!!