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Monday, July 30, 2007

Viewer Discretion Advised!:)

Yep, that is what you think it is!!!! What you are thinking is exactly what I was thinking!!!!AHHHH!! I spared you many pics but could not help blogging about this!! I had my son in his booster with tray (not the highchair for which I am thankful), and came upon this scene! I don't think any of the poop stayed in his diaper!! Not cool!! I carried him to the bathtub, and this is what resulted (mind you, some of it had gone down already)! Very gross, it dripped on my floor all the way their and there was a ton in his clothes!! I ask you, how can one baby poop so much!?!? He is very big for his age, but I did not think this big!!! AHHH(did I menetion that already)!!!
Yep, this is what he did while I cleaned it up-poor guy!!!! Well, after cleaning it all up (by myself) I had that "I will never be clean again feeling," you moms know the one I am talking about!! Yep, good times!:)

Summer Fun!!

I thought I should blog about what we have been up to! It was my hubby's B'day last Wed., and we had a beach day with our Youth so we celebrated it there. It was great a lot of them had black on with signs about getting old!! He turned 29, but everyone is giving him a hard time by telling him that it is his 30th! The cake above is a man being pulled into a grave, very funny (thanks to! The cake below is from my parents- a beach-very appropriate:)!
I love summer, and even more when one is a kid!! Childhood is great! My youngest prefered to watch from the swing-it was kinda cold!
Watch this mom!!!
Mom, I just want to eat these not wear them!:)
We are working on bonding!:) My youngest gets frusterated that the puppy is always in his space (this is my bubble:0)!! Let's face it, his head does kind of look like a ball!:) LOL!! The joys of summer!:)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Our new addition "Bell of the Ball"-Bella is here!:)

As you can see we decided to get a puppy!:) After taking a test and doing a ton of research for the past 6 mo or so, this is the dog that was the perfect match for our family! I had been looking for one during this time , but Wheaten's are hard to find in MN. I finally found 3 from SD, but they were brought to MN to be sold! Yea! Bella is a "Soft Haired Wheaten Terrier," she will not get incredibly large somewhere between a Springer spaniel and a Cocker spaniel (if that helps). Wheaten terrier's do not shed (hypoallergenic), and are not yippy. Both boys were very excited!!! As you can see she is so cute, and as an adult she will look like a mini sheep dog. Our youngest (baby) screams when he sees her, it is super cute!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

To dog or not to dog, that is the question!

Part 1: Ok, so it is like this-the first pic is of my oldest son (who is now almost 4) with our first dog! I know she was a beautiful dog, we named her Skyler! The problem is that we were told she was a purebred lab (I know we were blinded by puppy cuteness). Turns out she was part German Shorthair, and if you know anything about this breed you will know that they are very high strung! Long story short, she destroyed many things, NOT GOOD, and we had to get rid of her! The good new is that she was adopted within one day! Yea!!!!! (We really did love her though!)
Part 2: So you are probably wondering who this is?! Again it is my oldest son (who is almost 4 now) with puppy #2! Out of the goodness of our hearts we decided that since we had to give up Skylar for adoption, we should adopt a puppy to give it a home!! Great idea,huh!! Ok maybe not!! This is Patch!! Very cute!! We liked him, he was very sweet!! He had a nasty barking habit and was frequently let out of his kennel by our neighbors!! Not good! Long story short, he was let out my someone by accident (not a neighbor) and he ran away!!! So, there goes Patch!! He was picked up but to get him out it was going to cot 3x more than what we paid to adopt him!!! So this might sound harsh, but we had to leave him!!:( Good news is, he also was readopted!

So to my point!!! My oldest son's b'day is coming and guess what he wants!? Yep, that's right-a puppy! It has been 3 years and we have somewhat enjoyed not being tied down, if you will. Although I do like dogs, I probably would be ok if I did not have one! The flip side is, I remember saying as a kid "I'm glad those aren't my parents, I would hate not having a dog!" I don't want to be "one of those parents", and I loved having a dog as a kid, and am grateful my parents allowed us to have one(despite the fact that my dad was not an animal lover:0)! So, you see my predicament!!! What to do, what to do!!! hmmm? (on a side note there will be much research into the right breed for our fam along with training-I believe this is very important-that is if we go through with it:o)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

It seemed very appropriate (see "Mystery creature":0)! My first WW! Yea!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Mystery creature! AHHHHHHH!

A few weeks ago my son came in crying from outside by our dog house, he said there was something in it! I told him it was probably a cat, and mu husband went to look, he also claimed that there was a "white something" in it! I went and looked, but it was gone by the time I got there! So yesterday I was looking in there and saw leftover squirrel parts, mmmm, I thought the cat got desperate! Wrong!! My parents were in town, and my mom and I were going to go for a walk, I went in the garage to get my stroller, well, check out what I found!
Ok, so all I saw was a pointy nose and a looong rat like tail!! Let's just say there was a lot of screaming and running! My mom and I took off and told my oldest to RUN! Yep, we left him and were out first-my son was sooo scared! Poor guy, and we were laughing our heads off!
So, after calming him down and finding out it was not a rat but a possum (It looks like maybe a baby) that was curled up in my stroller, we were given many ideas on how to get rid of him! I was told to shoot it and beat it with a shovel (I DON'T think so!). My Grandpa told me to walk it in the stroller to the end of the driveway and let it go. Good idea, but I did not want it finding my yard again! (I know you are probably thinking about how cute it looks-IT'S NOT!-)LOL!
So, my mom and I came up with a plan of action! No one was willing to help, and if I wanted someone to come and get it I was going to have to wait (that was NOT going to happen):). My husband was at work and said he did not like possum. Like he has had so many encounters with them:)! LOL! So we decided to walk it in the stroller about 3 blks to some woods and release it! As you can see I was not enjoying it (it was hissing at me with its sharp teeth showing)!
Yep, I walked it just like that the whole way! As my mom and son laughed hysterically(you didn't see them volunteering to help push:)! :)
Here we all are on our way to release it in the wild! When we got there it jumped out and went in the woods! It was GREAT, we laughed about it the rest of the night!:)

Teeth yea!!

So about 3 weeks ago my youngest had 3 teeth break in at the same time!! I felt so bad for him, his mouth was soooo sore! I treid to get good pics, but this is as good as it gets!:) On Mon. he had one more break through, so they are all coming in all the way together! I'm hoping they don't all keep coming-poor guy! He has been a trooper though!:)
Still smiling!:)

Monday, July 9, 2007

4th of July

Here are the 4th of July pics! We went up North for a long weekend! We joined my family at Itasca State Park in the afternoon, and then went and saw the fireworks with my brother and sister-in-law and their family. We also went to the "Lakes Country" and spent some time with Chad's family and worked on getting things ready for our move there. We had a great time!:) Hope you enjoy them!

You can't tell, but we were getting eaten by horseflies! AHHH!
The fireworks! Doesn't everybody look excited!:)
My oldest's first sparkler! Yes he is in his boxers!:)
The "Lakes Country!" He was super nervous at first! I think it has something to do with other first timer's crying!:)

Grandma & baby!

After getting full from eating all the sand, he decided to play with his toy!:)

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Must See!!!!!!!! My brother-in-law made this video!!!!!!

Colorado Vacation

Here is our trip for the summer!! My Grandma (Nikki's side) was turning 70 this year so we had a mini family reunion! We traveled (yes by mini van) out to Colorado (all 14 hrs) to Fort Collins, CO! On the way down we had our sanity (I think), and we took 2 days to get there! Here is the great state of Iowa!! We were the envy of all!! We traveled through Iowa and Nebraska to get there!!

Go Iowa! (It really is a nice state) Yes, even a dinosaur at a rest stop is exciting when your are traveling through Nebraska! (Are we there yet?)
We finally arrived Here are my sister's (Kim & Todd) kids and our boys!! It was plaid shorts day!! They will look back and thank us I'm sure of it!:)
Here are our boys with their 1st and 2nd cousins! Yea there are a lot of boys!! We are missing my Brother's (Bobby & Tiffany) 2 girls! They all had so much fun together though, it was great!
Here is the Grandma! Happy Birthday (Great)Grandma!

Here is me with my sister's and cousins!! Sorry, the one with the spouse's did not turn out! We are missing my brother and Curt (cousin) they were unable to make it. It was so fun to see cousins and meet their kids, we had a great time!
Grandma and Grandpa with the boyz!
We decided to go on the tram at Estes Park!! Yes it is as scary as it looks. I had to show this picture so all would understand why I sat on the floor the entire ride! My oldest pretty much almost gave me a heart attack! Does he look scared? Yea right!:)
Here is us at the top! We are in the middle of a red ant home! Not good! It was a quick picture!
There is our little climber! He had to go to the top of every rock formation on our hike!

I see a future climber!:)

My youngest was determined to get his brother's lemonade, he thought it was hysterical!

The boyz!! It was so beautiful in the mountains! We had a blast!
The last stop we made was Focus on the family!! we had so much fun! The have a great kids area (Adventures in Odyssey), and it is all free! If you are in the area it is worth seeing! God has blessed this ministry greatly! We also went and saw the Air Force Academy- the chapel was amazing!

Well, this concludes our trip! we drove back in one day! Yes we are crazy! It took us 18 hours , and we actually stopped in the cities and stayed with Chad's brother at about 12am, so technically we did it in 2 days! It was a great trip with a ton of fun memories!

We're Bloggers!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well we have finally decided to join the rest of the world and blog!!!!!! Welcome to the 21st century-I know!:) We are currently living in MN. Chad is the currently a Youth Pastor and has been there 6 yrs! I am a stay-at-home mom with two beautiful boys (see above:) ), whose ages are 3 (4 in August) and 8 mo. During the school year I stay busy with preschool, ECFE activities, helping with the Youth Group (I don't miss a thing:0), being a part of our church's moms group, and much more!:) Back to why we are blogging! We have decided to make a change, Chad will be leaving the church, and will be the new youth pastor back in our home town!:) Although we are very excited about the move, it has been a huge emotional roller coaster! We love our church family and it is very hard to say good-bye to them, and even more so to all of our youth!!! We trust though that God will bring someone to take our place, and to love these youth just as we have! We thought it would be fun and helpful to those in our lives if we blogged about our up coming move , and everything else that is going on! So here we go!:) Bear with us!:)