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Monday, December 17, 2007

More Christmas fun......

So Sunday Big C and his BUGS classs (Sunday School) did a special music for church their own little program. They all did super, and of course there were some classic moments! Big C was sooooooooo excited and kept asking when it was "his turn" to go up in front!!!???
Tonight we let the boyz open up an early Christmas present, we will celebrate our own family Christmas at our house tomorrow before we leave to go North. They opened this particular present early due to needing it for our M.O.M's group tomorrow! The boys got Hullaballoo by Cranium, if you have not played or do not own this game it is a MUST!! Pads are scattered around the floor and a little box gives directions such as touch your nose to the yellow square, or skip to a blue triangle, etc. It is great for reinforcing or learning shapes, colors, following directions, etc. and is tons of fun in the process!!! The game will eventually tell them to freeze and will pick something like the piano and if you are standing on that you win. You then get to take a bow, or do a funky dance it's great! Big C loves it and was thrilled to get it, Caden liked the box:0)

The little boy grabbing the microphone at the end said "Any

Questions!" Classic!:)

Great game!
Funky Dance!!!!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas fun.........!!!!!!!!:0)

Here is what we have been up to!!! Christmas shopping with Grandpa and Grandma E. and Uncle Brian at MOA (one of our favorite places to take people), decorating our Christmas tree (a little late due to putting in our new floor), and baking a cake to celebrate and remember the real "reason for the season" Jesus birth!:0) Tons of fun was had by all!!!

I thought Little C would cry, but as you can see he was fascinated!!! The MOA Santa is very good with kids!!!

The boyz riding bumper cars at MOA!

Little C went on his first ride, he LOVED it!!!!

Egg Nog! MMMMM!:)
As tradition has it (or so he thinks) lights were put around his bed!;)

Night flash! Yep he was having fun, looks sleepy huh!?

Decorating the cake!

LOL!! Ok, it is VERY messy(he did not want to wait for writing:0)

but he LOVES it! MM,MMM, GOOD!:0)

Saturday, December 8, 2007

One of the BEST Christmas songs (let's face it all Christmas songs are great)!!!!!

So, my sister introduced me to this song last year, and let's just say we were all in tears lisstening to it! It is such a great song, so moving!!! Wow, Mercy Me puts out the most impacting songs!!! If you have not heard it (or if you have and just LOVE it like I do) take a listen!!:0)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow........!!!!!

So we are getting dumped on with snow-it's GREAT!!!!!!!!!! Big C has been outside everyday, he LOVES it!!!!!!!!! Tonight Dad and Big C went out, and as you can see boys will be boys:0)! At the moment we have gotten about 9 in. total from the last couple of days, we'll see how much more after it is done snowing. White Christmas, YEA!!!!

Snowball fights, good times!
King of the Hill!!!

Nothin' like a warm cup of cocoa after the snow!:0)

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Here We Go.........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alright so it has been FOREVER since I have really posted, so I have a ton of pics and I am lumping everything together! RU ready?:0) The week before Thanksgiving my sister and brother-in-law came and spent a couple nights with us. We had the PRIVILEGE of watching their three boys while they went and met with some friends who had recently lost their baby. If you think of it please pray for this couple (their blog is on my blog roll-Sara). Of course their boys were perfect and we had a blast. Noah their middle son who is two was very funny, after we put him to bed he kept calling "Auntie Niiiiiiki," well how could I resist that so he had to have a few more stories while I laid next to him! (This is also the nephew who claimed while at his home in ND, that after denying that he pooped in his pants, claimed it was Auntie Nikki who pooped! LOL!) Good times!:0)
Thanksgiving was a blast, I was so busy eating that I did not take any pics!! What was I thinking!!!! I did get some pics of our B'day celebration though!! My cousin, myself, and my niece all celebrated our b'days together, fun was had by all!!! We then were able to go cut a tree down as our annual tradition requires, and Big C was very excited that he helped to cut it down!!
Following all of this we had our "Old Fashioned Christmas" with our church, which is always a great time!! This year we had some youth help so we sat with the youth. Tradition has it that the tables are all decked out in great and creative themes that are all different. Our tables theme was Cd's, very appropriate!! Lastly, we had new flooring put in our house which we are VERY excited about!! It took about three days for a friend to put in so we had some great organized chaos, but we are so happy with the results!!! On to the rest of our projects!!!;0)

Now here are the pics.....

Birthday celebration!!! My sister-in-law made the cakes, I should have taken a pic of the meal, tradition has it that on your b'day you get to pick the meal!!!! I had my favorite, cheesy potatoes, with turkey hot dish (not sure what it is called-thanks mom!) and my niece picked spaghetti!:)

The birthday girls!:0)

Uhhh, Grandpa aren't you supposed to be putting ME to sleep!!???

Traditions-I luv em!:0)

"Old Fashioned Christmas" HMM, who is that out of bed!!?? Look closely!!

Little C wanted to be like the big boys, it was too cute!!! This is also the before pic of the carpet and linoleum.

Ta-da!!!! After!!!:0) Now to paint the trim-yuck!:(

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Way to funnny!!

Thanks to qtpies I found this guy, and he is VERY funny!!! He reminds me a LOT of Brad Stine!!This is for all of you who grew up in the church!!! I thought this one was hilarious!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

You have GOT to check this out!!!!

My sister blogged about this on her blog, you HAVE to check it out!!! Amazing!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007 Grandparents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't tell you how excited I am to announce this!!! I have been waiting for them to arrive in Arizona so I could announce their new blog!!:) You will have to stop on over and check out their blog (might want to tell them who you are:0), I know they would love to hear from you! Have fun getting to know them, they are wonderful people who love the Lord!:)

Friday, November 9, 2007

First Snow!!!!!!!!

Ok so we did not even get enough snow to cover the ground, but there was patches and that's what matters!:) Big C woke up looked out the window and came flying into our room to say there was snow and he MUST go outside-"I've been waiting for this for a loooooong time!!!!" So, he threw his clothes on and out he went "To play snowballs!"!:) He and Dad had to scrape snow off the car to get a snowball, but it was worth it!:) Have to get snowballs somehow!:)

Who can hit the car!:) As you can see there is not a lot of snow!:) LOL!