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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Mystery creature! AHHHHHHH!

A few weeks ago my son came in crying from outside by our dog house, he said there was something in it! I told him it was probably a cat, and mu husband went to look, he also claimed that there was a "white something" in it! I went and looked, but it was gone by the time I got there! So yesterday I was looking in there and saw leftover squirrel parts, mmmm, I thought the cat got desperate! Wrong!! My parents were in town, and my mom and I were going to go for a walk, I went in the garage to get my stroller, well, check out what I found!
Ok, so all I saw was a pointy nose and a looong rat like tail!! Let's just say there was a lot of screaming and running! My mom and I took off and told my oldest to RUN! Yep, we left him and were out first-my son was sooo scared! Poor guy, and we were laughing our heads off!
So, after calming him down and finding out it was not a rat but a possum (It looks like maybe a baby) that was curled up in my stroller, we were given many ideas on how to get rid of him! I was told to shoot it and beat it with a shovel (I DON'T think so!). My Grandpa told me to walk it in the stroller to the end of the driveway and let it go. Good idea, but I did not want it finding my yard again! (I know you are probably thinking about how cute it looks-IT'S NOT!-)LOL!
So, my mom and I came up with a plan of action! No one was willing to help, and if I wanted someone to come and get it I was going to have to wait (that was NOT going to happen):). My husband was at work and said he did not like possum. Like he has had so many encounters with them:)! LOL! So we decided to walk it in the stroller about 3 blks to some woods and release it! As you can see I was not enjoying it (it was hissing at me with its sharp teeth showing)!
Yep, I walked it just like that the whole way! As my mom and son laughed hysterically(you didn't see them volunteering to help push:)! :)
Here we all are on our way to release it in the wild! When we got there it jumped out and went in the woods! It was GREAT, we laughed about it the rest of the night!:)