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Friday, November 14, 2008

God is Greater Party!

So, every year on the 31st we take the boyz to the "God is Greater " party at a local church. It is tons of fun; there are inflatables, a petting zoo, lots of games, and a fun "show" at the end. Here are some pics of the night!! My little monkey, lion, and TMNT!

Showing off his moves!

The little monkey thought he needed to do the same (this is him kicking), monkey see monkey do!;0)

The tongue always helps, remember that!!

Waiting for the hayride, looking a little tired don't ya think!?

The petting zoo is always a favorite, for the big kids too!;0)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Family Pics!! Ahhhhhh!! Can't decide!!

I am so excited that we got our family pics taken!! It was kind of a whirlwind deal, I had contacted her this summer but she was going to be out of the country and then finishing up her photography internship and would not be back until Nov. Thankfully she remembered and contacted me when she got back, so in a couple days notice we set it up and I VERY quickly planned!! we got the very LAST beautiful day, which was perfect!:0) This gal cam on some of our youth trips and what not, and has done other amazing videos and pics for the youth ministry as well!! I had such a hard time deciding which ones to put on here so I just grabbed a bunch, there are LOTS so it was really hard to decide!! Let me know whatcha think, and which ones ya love!:0) Ok, enjoy!!