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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Camping, Camping, and more Camping!!!!!!!!!:0)

Well, I finally am putting the rest of our camping pics on here! We went to Itasca, a resort in
Detroit Lakes, and to Duluth. It was an absolutely great time, and of course tons of fun memories were made! We feel very blessed to have had this time together has a family! I put a TON of pics on here from all places, so hope you enjoy!:o)
Hanging out at the campsite in Itasca!

The best part of camping is the meals I think!! It was fun to cook bacon and pancakes and be able to grill all sorts of good stuff!! I am so excited for my boyz and there memories of this very thing!;0)

Yep, he's chillin'!


Cousins joined us there!:0)

Walkin' down the river!

Waiting and watching brother and dad walking down the river (see below)!:0) Too cute!

I have been up the tower many time, but there was NO WAY I was going up this time while Chad carried Little C up there, so we both stayed below and let the big boyz go up!:0) We had so much fun at Itasca we went back after we were done camping, it is one of our favorite state parks!!

Water Carnival in DL!!!

Grandpa and Grandma W's new puppy!!

Water Carnival parade!!!

County Fair in DL, hangin' with his cousin!! We went to three County Fair's this summer and the State Fair is calling!!:0)

Onto the resort in DL! Big C is so proud of his trench, he was saying YES! as I took this pic!

Canoeing at the resort!

Going fishin'!

Here fishy, fishy!!

Big C going down a hill and over a jump, yep gave me a heart attack!! That bike got a ton of miles put on it, we did a ten mile loop twice at Itasca and Big C biked the whole way!!!

Onto to Duluth!! We went to Gooseberry Falls one day!! The boyz had a blast!

Swimmin' in the falls!

Split Rock Lighthouse!

Pebble beach, Chad teaching Big C how to skip a rock!

Betty's Pies! This place is a MUST visit, homemade and VERY good!!

Big C swimming in Lake Superior!! Very crazy!:0)

Ship coming in

We got to see the pirate ships sail in, we lucked out with that, we had no idea they were coming there that day!! The ships were so neat to see, we could not believe how many people were there!!! This one just shot off a cannon (blank)!

Gordy's Hi-Hat is a must go to!!! Very cool and good!! It's like an old soda shop!

We topped it off with their shakes made the same way for decades! I had yogurt! Yum!!!

Well, that is all for now!! I can't believe how fast this summer went, but it always seems to slip by! More to come, but not of camping!;0)