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Monday, July 30, 2007

Summer Fun!!

I thought I should blog about what we have been up to! It was my hubby's B'day last Wed., and we had a beach day with our Youth so we celebrated it there. It was great a lot of them had black on with signs about getting old!! He turned 29, but everyone is giving him a hard time by telling him that it is his 30th! The cake above is a man being pulled into a grave, very funny (thanks to! The cake below is from my parents- a beach-very appropriate:)!
I love summer, and even more when one is a kid!! Childhood is great! My youngest prefered to watch from the swing-it was kinda cold!
Watch this mom!!!
Mom, I just want to eat these not wear them!:)
We are working on bonding!:) My youngest gets frusterated that the puppy is always in his space (this is my bubble:0)!! Let's face it, his head does kind of look like a ball!:) LOL!! The joys of summer!:)