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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Sledding.....we love it!!!!!!

So the first pic is of Little C, he was sick this last weekend!! Poor guy!:0( Monday we went on a hike, and on our hike we disovered a GREAT sledding hill!!! We were gone for about 2 1/2 hours, it was a ton of fun!!

The fact that Little C is laying there and NOT MOVING is AMAZING!! Poor guy!!!!!
Heading out to our hiking trails!!
Due to the fact that we left Big C's sled at G & G's house, we improvised when we discovered the hill and used the little one!:0)
What a great hill, and a perfect day for sledding!!!! It was SO warm!
Yep, I took my turn! To bad I did not fit in the sled!:0( Didn't Big C do a good job taking the pic!
Little C went down too!!! This was all Big C got in the pic! LOL!!
Puppy love!!
Wearin' down on the hike!
It was a great time! They were out cold for nap time!!;0)

Monday, January 7, 2008

Christmas Happenings!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know I have not blogged in FOREVER so I will try to catch up! We started off our Christmas with Chad's parents which was a fun time! Every year they put us up in a hotel for fun! As you can see Big C had a great time, he was very excited he could swim in the deep end!:0) We then spent time with his extended family as well, which is really neat because all of his cousins and aunts and uncle's usually make it every year!

He was a fish!

He figured out that if he wore his skates he could REALLY play hockey!
All of the Great grand's with Great Grandma! Yes Little C looked like this for every picture,

this was mild, very sad!
Singin' for us!

We continued north to the W'side of the family and spent a week there. It was a great time, I think one of the best parts was having everyone together opening gifts and just observing all the business and fun that was going on-it was great!!! Every once in awhile you would hear a yell from a kid, and sometimes even see a dance or two!:0) It was nice that all of the of us were able to be there! Another funny memory is that every year we take all the grandkids in to get a picture taken, oh yea, 7 kids 5 and under it is a good time!!! This year we went in with a plan and got a great pic, good times! Sickness also hit the group, you'll have to check out my mom's blog she has some great pics! Lots of games played, food eaten (at least by those who were not sick), and fun times were had!

This was the only pic I could get before Little C escaped!

The 3 youngest grandbabies playin'! Look closely at Little C, yep he is trying to eat the dog bone-VERY gross!!
Getting ready to open gifts!
My parents:0)
All the grandkids!

We then continues on to North Dakota to my sister and brother-in-law's house! Fun was had by all! I will blog about that later!:0) Overall we were gone for about 2 weeks and felt very blessed to be able to spend it with family!