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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Our new addition "Bell of the Ball"-Bella is here!:)

As you can see we decided to get a puppy!:) After taking a test and doing a ton of research for the past 6 mo or so, this is the dog that was the perfect match for our family! I had been looking for one during this time , but Wheaten's are hard to find in MN. I finally found 3 from SD, but they were brought to MN to be sold! Yea! Bella is a "Soft Haired Wheaten Terrier," she will not get incredibly large somewhere between a Springer spaniel and a Cocker spaniel (if that helps). Wheaten terrier's do not shed (hypoallergenic), and are not yippy. Both boys were very excited!!! As you can see she is so cute, and as an adult she will look like a mini sheep dog. Our youngest (baby) screams when he sees her, it is super cute!!