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Thursday, March 27, 2008

No you are not seeing things!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, I know, it's a miracle you say!! So, after finding out I am expecting I had (notice the past tense-finally) some serious morning sickness (why they call it that I'll never know, just the morning that would have been nice), the stomach flu thing twice, my migraines have picked up in severity (oh, yea good times), and I now have a VERY bad cold with a sinus infection. So, now you know where I have been- no where!! Ok, that's not true we have been busy welcoming G & G back from Mexico at the airport, Little C got his first real owie falling down the stairs-VERY sad:(, finding out my oldest sister and her husband are expecting their first baby YEA!, coloring Easter eggs and celebrating Easter with family, and lastly taking a week off which was much needed!!! Ok, so have fun with the pics, I'm a fanatic you know!

Little C loves to sit with daddy!

Welcome home, we missed you!

Very sad, look at that owie, poor guy!

Easter fun with the fam!

Ok, I got carried away!!

Yes, my favorite thing!

Ok, so Little C doesn't really like food-I know weird-but he found something he does like!! See mom!!

Cousins and Grandma!:0)

All tuckered out!!

I found him out cold on the basement floor-so sweet!

Lucky mom!!:0) LOL!