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Friday, September 26, 2008

The Big 5!!!!!!!!

Ok, so this blog is about 2 months late, I started it but never finished it!! Hey, better late than never right?!:0) In some ways it seems like yesterday that Big C was born, and in other ways it seems forever ago! Big C was the biggest baby I have had yet he was 9.2lbs and 22 in long! Yep he was huge! I had to be induced because I was not even dilated, a week past my due date! Big C was such a happy baby and was so easy going, a trait he has kept! Joy is how we describe him, he has such a great sense of humor, and finds life and people to be a never ending adventure! Psalm 118:24 "This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it." I love this verse, I sing this to my boys in the morning many times when I have to wake them for whatever reason, Big C is the type of kid who rejoices in everyday life occurrences! My prayer for him is that he will keep this joy for life and love for people, and use it to do great things for God! For his b'day we celebrated it with family as well as had an all boys party for him. 10 little boys made for a busy, yet fun birthday. We took them to our local park where there is a "splash park," as well as a park. They had a blast playing football, racing, playing in the water, and also at the park. All in all it was a great birthday, I can't believe I only have one more year and then he will head off to Kindergarten, which I know he will love! Enjoy the pics!

The computer that had Big C's birth pictures died, and of course I do not have a scanner so this is him at a month old!

The big 1st B'day!!!!

Bob the Builder party for turning 2!!!!!!!!

Celebrating 3 with Grandpa W!!
4th b'day, celebrating with Grandma W! Happy 5th Big C!!!!!!!!!! An awesome Transformer cake Auntie Tiffany made him (above)! For his party (below) he also had a transformer theme(of course) with decorations! We celebrated my mom's, cousin from Oregon, and his birthday together. Everyone was back for a family reunion this summer.

On his actual birthday he chose french toast as his birthday meal.

The all boys party (except for me:0)!

McDonald's, yum!

Cake time!

I love how they are almost on top of each watching-classic!:0)

Playing football, and a race (below)!!

All in all it was a good 5th b'day for him, with lots of fun memories!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

A great couple of weeks!!:0)

I am actually blogging AGAIN, hey I think this breaks my "not blogging streak"! Actually I have a VERY bad sinus infection/cold so I have pretty much have not moved (as much as one can with 3 boys) all day, oh well tis' the season!! It has been a great couple of weeks though!!! My mom came and stayed with us and helped for about two weeks, which was AMAZING!!!!!!!!! It has taken me a little longer to recover due to being very anemic, but I am feeling much better now!!! Thanks mom, I don't honestly think I could say it enough!!!!! It was so cute, M'C started getting up between 6-6:30 everyday, which at first REALLY worried me!! I finally figured out when my mom left that it was because he was SO excited to see Bop Bop (not sure why, but that is what he calls Grandma-too cute!!)! Every morning the first thing he would say is Bop Bop, and I would tell him to go find her (not until 7 of course:0). Needless to say he does not get up that early now that she is gone, I guess I am not that exciting! LOL! We have had a couple of weeks of firsts, first hair cuts, learning to tie shoes, bath's, and first outings! All in all it has been great, enjoy the pics!!

First outing! We walked to the school baseball field and played kickball, it was a blast!

Which way Bop, Bop!?!?

Yea Papa!!

We received a visit from some of the Great Grandparents as well (above and below).

Learning to tie his shoes, he is working very hard at it!

First Bath, he loved it!

All clean mom!!

First haircut, it took me FOREVER to want to bring him in, but I finally had to!! I just did not want to ruin those curls, I don't think I need to worry about that though-they are here to stay (YEA!)!
He did so good, they were shocked!! Although I have to comb his hair everyday and get tangles out so he is very used to it!:0)
Pick a treat!!
Fall apples!!
I can't believe how much he is changing in such a short time, luv those little cheeks!!

Sweet Baby!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Welcome Baby Englund #3!!!! It's a Boy!!

He's here!!!!! He arrived on 9/09 at 11:33 am!! Little C is now officially M' C, there is a new Little C!:0) Little C weighed 8 lbs 1 oz, and is 19 in long, and was discharged at 7 lbs 10 oz. The labor went GREAT, I was not happy that I had to be induced but it could not have gone better! I had tons of contractions the day/night before but sadly they did not do anything:0(! I went in dilated to almost 4 and was about 80% effaced. I arrived at about 7:30 am that morning, and they started the pitocin at about 8:30 am. Anyone that has been induced knows that it takes a little bit for it to get into your system and start working. Thankfully it did not take that long and my labor started at 9am and 2 1/2 hours lated Little C was born! I was VERY happy that I only pushed for 13 min-Yea!! Thanks to all who prayed for a safe and healthy delivery, I was able to do it naturally and was VERY thankful! He is so sweet, hope you enjoy the pics!:0)

Dilated to 8-Yea, almost done!!

He's here, blonde hair and all!!

Yep, that's relief!!:0)

Such a sweet baby!

Life is good!:0)

He has been VERY alert!!

Grandpa and Grandma W!!
The fam!!
Our boyz!!:0)
He is a VERY proud brother, and was so happy because he wanted a boy!:0)
Deep in thought- hmm, will he be taking my toys!?;0)
Time to go home!

Tuckered out!!
I love his little cheeks!
We're home!! M'C was so excited we were home!! Too cute!
Too sweet!!

We're gonna be great friends!!

Checkin' out the world!:0) He has a little rash but thankfully it is starting to go away!