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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Summer weekends!!!

WOW!!! It has been a little while since I have blogged!! The days have just been flying by, we have something every weekend it seems!!! It is ok though we have been having a good summer!! So, I am going to go over what we have been doing for the last week!! The first weekend in August we were up at a cabin by the lake in our home town. It was great, we did some swimming, tubing, fishing(Carter:)),biking, and relaxing!:) This past weekend was our anniversary, our 5th!!! Yea! I feel so blessed to me married to a man who not only loves me, but is a man who loves the Lord and is committed to serving him! We had a great weekend!!!! We were up at a cabin (the same one from the weekend before) with no kids, in 4 years we have not had a weekend like that other than when we were doing youth ministry stuff (and that does not count)! Our kids were with Grandpa & Grandma W at "Grandpa and Grandma Camp"! All of the cousins were there and they had a blast!!! What a blessing!! What memories!!! We came to get our boys and celebrated our oldest b'day with Grandma!! They had a blast!

The first weekend- Carter was feeding the duck!

Oh yea!! We caught this one with a marshmellow!!
We went out on the boat with G & G E. and Uncle it was a lot of fun!

2nd weekend-On their way to Grandpa& Grandma Camp, yea!

Grandma holding our youngest on the left and cousin.

All of the cousins except one (the youngest is a few months-he stayed with mom), they all made G&G camp t-shirts with their handprints and they also decorated them!! They all looked so cute!!!

We also celebrated our oldest 4th b'day and Grandma's b'day (her age will remain a mystery:)!!

Our oldest opening his presents with cousins and grandma!!

He is opeing a fishing rod there!

G & G got him a scooter!! It was a hit, he looooves scooter's!!! He has a friend that had one and he has been wanting one ever since!! It was a great day!!:)