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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I'm 4 now!

It was great! Big C came running in and told me I must come see right away! I of course went running out, and he went and jumped on the swing and started to pump! Big C was so excited that HE had learned how to pump and no longer needed to be pushed (wow, what a bummer) ;0)! He went on to explain that, "One day I was 3 and the next day I was 4, and all of the sudden I could pump! It is because I'm 4 now!" Amazing isn't it, lol! It was great!

I had told my son last week that a package was coming for him in the mail, wow, big mistake!! Everyday he has gone out to get the mail, and when the package was not there he would ask me when it was coming?! It was cute though to see him anticipate the arrival, and to learn that sometimes we just have to be patient! My sister and brother-in-law sent my son a book (they always give the nieces and nephews books, it is great!) for his birthday, they do not just get any books but my sister will hunt for books that we had and LOVED when we were kids. This year they got him "From Castles in the Clouds"by V. Gilbert Beers. It is about Maxi and Mini Muffin along with Bible stories (there are multiple stories in this book). They use the stories about the Muffin family to help our children understand what the Bible stories are saying. Anyway, it is a great book!!! I don't think it is in print anymore so she has located them on Amazon (correct me if I am wrong)! Big C loves books, although I am not sure who was more excited about this one, him or me! It was fun to read him the stories though and look at the pictures (I always thought the pictures were so beautiful as a kid), and reminisce about my childhood!