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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Good Times!

So, the last couple of days I have been suffering from a severe cold/allergies. My youngest has also has a cold, poor guy! I had "neb" him at my parents because colds always settle in his chest (since his RSV). He was so good while we used it! I am now on allergy medication so hopefully in the next day or two I will feel like functioning again! I was glad though, my husband had his 10 year class reunion this weekend and thankfully I did not get real bad until after it was over! It was a fun weekend though! My parents watched the boyz at a friend of ours cabin so we could go (thank you , thank you to them)!! I was glad that I knew a lot of his friends from high school, I feel for those that come and meet everyone for the first time. I love the fact that we are both from the same area and know a lot of the same people, it is great when we reminisce! The last pic is Big C with his shirt on like pants and he had his underware on his head, he was laughing hysterically on the floor when I took this picture! Good Times!:)