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Sunday, October 26, 2008

M'C is 2!! Happy Birthday!:0)

I can't believe M'C is two, honestly there are times I look at Little C and think it is M'C (could also be that they look a lot alike:0)! We celebrated his birthday with family last weekend (THANKS dad & mom!!!), and now today had a mini party for him. Both times he wanted Spaghetti for a meal (his absolute FAVORITE), he did the spaghetti dance all day! It was so cute, when he sat down at the table tonight he said "Sgetti, sweet!" It was so funny! It has been so fun to listen to him talk, he is so patient, if you don't know what he is saying he will say it 200x (no, really) until you figure it out, never getting frustrated (me, on the other hand, wanting to give up:0)! He is our go-getter, constantly going and doing, a mover and a shaker! Aggressive, you bet! He always knows what he wants and has no problem expressing it:0)! He is also so sweet, LOVES to laugh, and is very affectionate! Big C is his hero, and he loves the challenge of doing whatever he does (no matter what it is, much to my dismay at times:0) I am so excited to see him grow and develop, and watch how God will use these great personality traits to glorify Him!

M'C in the hospital!

1st Birthday!

Happy 2nd Birthday M'C! He LOVES Elmo, if you can't tell!

Thanks Auntie Tiffany for a fun cake!:0)

Black eye and all!

Stealing a taste!

The fam! Hey, check out the TV, yep it's the Vikes' game during the B'day party of course! That my friend's is every little boys dream, he to will be there soon!:0) It was awesome my Great aunt was cheering as well as others! I think that makes it so fun, good times were had by all!:0)

Big C and the cousins were just as excited as M'C!

Boz is his other love!:0)

Pic with G & G Weinert!

The Great Grandparents, they are leaving for AZ soon! We will miss you guys!