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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

First Smiles!!!!!

So, Little C started smiling a couple weeks ago, but as many of you know it can be impossible to catch on camera! Finally this morning I was able to grab my camera and get his cute little smile, he was on a roll!! M'C thought it was great and was right there in on the action, it was so cute he kept saying "Hi" to him like I was to get him to smile!:0) Enjoy!

A nice big smile!! He should be smiley, he slept all day yesterday!! No, really, I think he was awake for all of 5 min. It was strange, but hey he has a lot of growing to do:0)! Today I think will be the opposite, awake and happy it seems.
A little tongue action, all of my boys have done this, every time I take a pic we get the tongue it is so cute!

Sweet Baby!