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Thursday, September 25, 2008

A great couple of weeks!!:0)

I am actually blogging AGAIN, hey I think this breaks my "not blogging streak"! Actually I have a VERY bad sinus infection/cold so I have pretty much have not moved (as much as one can with 3 boys) all day, oh well tis' the season!! It has been a great couple of weeks though!!! My mom came and stayed with us and helped for about two weeks, which was AMAZING!!!!!!!!! It has taken me a little longer to recover due to being very anemic, but I am feeling much better now!!! Thanks mom, I don't honestly think I could say it enough!!!!! It was so cute, M'C started getting up between 6-6:30 everyday, which at first REALLY worried me!! I finally figured out when my mom left that it was because he was SO excited to see Bop Bop (not sure why, but that is what he calls Grandma-too cute!!)! Every morning the first thing he would say is Bop Bop, and I would tell him to go find her (not until 7 of course:0). Needless to say he does not get up that early now that she is gone, I guess I am not that exciting! LOL! We have had a couple of weeks of firsts, first hair cuts, learning to tie shoes, bath's, and first outings! All in all it has been great, enjoy the pics!!

First outing! We walked to the school baseball field and played kickball, it was a blast!

Which way Bop, Bop!?!?

Yea Papa!!

We received a visit from some of the Great Grandparents as well (above and below).

Learning to tie his shoes, he is working very hard at it!

First Bath, he loved it!

All clean mom!!

First haircut, it took me FOREVER to want to bring him in, but I finally had to!! I just did not want to ruin those curls, I don't think I need to worry about that though-they are here to stay (YEA!)!
He did so good, they were shocked!! Although I have to comb his hair everyday and get tangles out so he is very used to it!:0)
Pick a treat!!
Fall apples!!
I can't believe how much he is changing in such a short time, luv those little cheeks!!

Sweet Baby!