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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

GREAT Book!!!!!!!!!

So, I have been reading "Love Letters to a Child," by Tracy Fink. The author is the principal's wife from our town. This book is a must read if you are a parent or grandparent! Basically it is about journaling about your kids! Everything that is written in the journal has to be positive and encouraging, and you can write whatever strikes you about their character, or what God is laying on your heart about them (in a positive way), and so on! It is a way of documenting their growth spiritually, celebrating their character, and affirming who they are (each kid has a seperate journal). What is so great is that I know many moms who are doing this, and they say their kids run to see if anything new is in their journals (teens and kids) because they are so encouraged and feel so loved by it! I just think it is such a cool idea!!! Tracy gives a lot of examples in the book of her own entries to her kids, as well as tips about what to write, how often, and so on! I know life is so busy, but she makes this very easy with helpful tips! What a awesome legacy to leave your kids! Not only that, but amazingly encouraging for kids as they go through those times when they are struggling with different things in their lives to be able to pick up this journal and remember how God as worked in their lives and to see how they have grown and changed! As you can see I LOVE this book! It is also an easy read (not very big, and grabs your attention)! Check it out-you'll be glad you did!:0)

I took Big C out and let him pick out his journal, and he picked Little C's out too (go figure:)!