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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I'm Back-I think!!!:)

WOW!!! What a crazy, but great Sep. I am having!!! I have not blogged in FOREVER and I really have missed it!:( So, in the beginning of the month Chad's parents came and stopped in on their way through, which was a lot of fun!:) We, also went to the State Fair!!! Yea, it was a blast as usual, we got there around 1 pm and left a little before 10 pm!!! Our kids were troopers, and they loved it!! One would think that you would not see anyone you know with so many people there, but we always manage to see a few, which is a blast!! We then went to the Duluth area over labor day and met my grandparents, parents, and brother and sister-in-law with their kids for a picnic! We had SO much fun, and then my brother's family and my family stayed the night in the area and hung out the next day! What a great way to end our summer!:) Shortly after that Big C started preschool!!! He was so excited, and is loving it!! He is able to go with one of his best little buddies (who is pictured below)!! He goes 2 days a week and LOVES to do projects, play on the computer, and of course play on their GREAT playground!!
I also started school-again!! I am seriously on the 30 yr plan-not that it bothers me at all!! I consider it a hobby at this point!:) I cut my load WAY down so it really is more of a hobby!:) I also took on a position at our church! I am a co-coordinator of our children's ministry! I love it so far, it has been a little bit of work getting the structure into place (we are using 252 for those of you who are familiar) but VERY rewarding!:) It is only 12 hours and the hours that I work are hours I was at the church anyway every week (except now I am getting paid!), so it works out great! I am SO excited to see where God is going to take this program from here on out, I feel so privileged to be used as a tool for His kingdom! Alright that is my update for now!:)

Australian Battered Potatoes!! Our Favorite!
We visited the oink booth!:)
Sweet Martha's cookies, and all you can drink milk for $1
I love the state fair! (Don't you Kim-LOL:)

Labor day! weekend! Great Grandma and the great grandkids!!
All of us-except mom-she is taking the pic!

The Girls!!
Mine and my brother's fam!

Big C and his buddy!:)