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Sunday, October 28, 2007

More birthday fun (see first post below)!:)

We went north this weekend to celebrate Little C's 1st birthday! Friday night we were at Grandpa & Grandma Weinert's house and had a big party with extended family, it was also my great aunt's birthday so we celebrated that as well! We had so much fun, my sister-in-law made an awesome 1 cake with balls on it (he LOVES balls, he will choose that over any other toy)! It was a fun day! We also went to Grandpa & Grandma Englund's house and celebrated with them along with extended family as well! We had a really fun time, and Little C seemed thrilled to have more cake!:) It was birthday fun all weekend long:0)!

What have I been missing all this time!
Family fun! Big brother to the rescue!

His second love-music!:)


More cake! Yes!

Good times!:)