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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Kickin' Summer off!!!

Well, here is what we have been up to! From learning to climb trees, riding without training wheels, t-ball, 30th surprise party, cousins, camping with friends, and a trip to CO!! Warning pics are NOT in order of actual events!:0) This is how are summer was kicked off, and we have been going non-stop since! Chad is on sabbatical this summer so we have been traveling around and camping which has been a blast!!! Pics coming soon!!

Very proud of both achievements!!
Oddly enough he was not taught to ride without training wheels, he just jumped on and started riding (God knew I might have been slightly dreading teaching him. LOL!!)

Some played t-ball-others were wanna be's!:0)

Cousins, oddly enough they are all in plaid shorts and have almost the same shirts, this happens a lot (scary, yet very funny)!

The big 3-0 Party!!!
My sister and brother-in-law from OH surprised us and came, it was so great he was surprised and so was I!!! Englund Fam-above and below!

The Weinert fam!

3 pregnant and one done!:0) In order of due date's from left to right!

Camping with friends!

Dirt is always fun!


Colorado trip!! My mom and I went to CO to take my Grandma back it was a very FUN trip, although I had sores all over my mouth which was a BIG bummer! It was great though!
Big C and Great Grandma, her very first s'more and he got to make it for her!!:0)
Little C's first marshmallow!

Grandma thought it was a must that we take the boyz to Space Aliens on our way home, which was a huge hit of course!! They were running laps they were so excited!!

Alright, that is all for now!! To be continued......