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Monday, December 17, 2007

More Christmas fun......

So Sunday Big C and his BUGS classs (Sunday School) did a special music for church their own little program. They all did super, and of course there were some classic moments! Big C was sooooooooo excited and kept asking when it was "his turn" to go up in front!!!???
Tonight we let the boyz open up an early Christmas present, we will celebrate our own family Christmas at our house tomorrow before we leave to go North. They opened this particular present early due to needing it for our M.O.M's group tomorrow! The boys got Hullaballoo by Cranium, if you have not played or do not own this game it is a MUST!! Pads are scattered around the floor and a little box gives directions such as touch your nose to the yellow square, or skip to a blue triangle, etc. It is great for reinforcing or learning shapes, colors, following directions, etc. and is tons of fun in the process!!! The game will eventually tell them to freeze and will pick something like the piano and if you are standing on that you win. You then get to take a bow, or do a funky dance it's great! Big C loves it and was thrilled to get it, Caden liked the box:0)

The little boy grabbing the microphone at the end said "Any

Questions!" Classic!:)

Great game!
Funky Dance!!!!