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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Check it out!!!

Ok, I have another artist that I like! He is new to me, Jimmy Needham, he has a great blues/pop sound! It is so different than what is normly heard on christian radio I think! Check out his myspace and listen to "Fenceriders," actually they are all good, but Fenceriders is the first song that I heard of his. He is a man who is out to move a generation into being bold for Jesus, no longer being luke-warm, and having a heart to reach the lost!:) Let me know what you think!:) Check out his write-up!!! WOW! Amen!!!!!

"I was rescued as a sophomore in high school. My first breath was on a Monday. My friend told me about the liberty from sin he had tasted. That evening in my room I turned from my wrongness and to sweet Jesus. Freedom ensued shortly after. As a toddler, I would belt out oldies tunes my parents listened to on the radio. Guitar was secondary. I never anticipated or planned for the instrument and the voice to meet but then again, I never anticipate anything the LORD does. Their first date was my high school talent show. The response was surprising. What made the night greater was that I had covered a Christian song. Knowing that I had the ability to bring glory to my King and really enjoy the music I played as well got me excited!

The Christian life is freedom and joy, even in the midst of trials. I am slowly realizing this. I find the most joy in knowing Jesus more and letting others know about him. My heart for this music ministry is two fold: that those who do not know Jesus would be shown very plainly the gospel of grace. With all compassion and conviction my heart is inclined to reach the lost. My second mission is this: that my generation who are professing believers would no longer be luke-warm. There is a phenomenon of supernatural apathy and a lack of vigor from a majority of American believers. We have bought into Satans lie that God just wants us to be happy. So we seek only to please ourselves, never looking to the lost with a broken heart, praying but never acting. This cannot be the Lords will. My music serves as an open invitation for Christians to become real, passionate, and zealous for the Gospel, which is the power of God for salvation. For the time being, one avenue by which I get to serve my King is music. And I'm going to continue down this path until the LORD calls me to something else or stops giving me songs.

The goal I am pressing toward is to make Jesus Christ famous while I am here on earth. I'll be going home soon enough so by the LORD's grace I will continue to abide. Only what is done for Christ will last. All to Jesus, forever!"